No Code. No Hassle. Just Flows.

Flow Director is a new generation no-code messaging platform that combines any cloud- and on-premise messaging products, databases, and REST services with the simplicity of flow-based programming.
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The Flow Director Platform

A high-performance and highly scalable no-code environment to develop, install, and execute Flow Director Apps. It is available as a single self-updated distribution that runs on-premise, Docker, or in the cloud.


  • You develop your logic by connecting components to flows, graphically without coding. Chose from a set of component libraries for any use case. Then connect, deploy and activate. View the messages live and inspect their content while they travel through your components.
  • Scale to your needs as Flow Director can give you a whole network of deployment nodes at your fingertips, all done from a single orchestration screen, no config file hassle.

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How it works

Based on SwiftMQ

Flow Director extends and includes the open-source messaging system SwiftMQ by taking control over SwiftMQ's internal microservice engine SwiftMQ Streams and using it as runtime.

Flow Director can be connected to an existing SwiftMQ network but can also run entirely separately.

You don't need to run SwiftMQ as your messaging system!

Implemented with Flows

All logic will be created graphically by connecting components to flows. No coding. Flows run event-driven and independent in a transactional context within a SwiftMQ router — a real microservice.

You orchestrate Flows within the whole connected SwiftMQ router network. They are deployed, activated, deactivated, and updated from a central, web-based orchestration panel.

Organized in Apps

A Flow Director App is an isolated application that contains all flows and dashboards and all authentication information that belongs to this app. A user logs into an app, not into Flow Director.

Apps can be exported and imported by drag and drop. It is easy to perform backups or transfer them from a development into a test or production environment or share it with others.

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