Video Library

Our library of short clips that gives you more insight into Flow Director.

(Some clips were created with Flow Director 2.0. We are working on it to update them to 3.0)


The Flow Director Architecture

Create / Install Apps

Create a Basic Flow

Add a Dashboard

Add a Dashboard to the App Menu

Add Automation, Git, Auto-Upgrade

Flow Director with SwiftMQ Router Networks

Create a Monitoring App (1)

Add History Charts (2)

Create composite Dashboards (3)


Apache Kafka and KSQL

Connect SwiftMQ Router Networks

Via Explorer App

Via Flow

Via Routing Connector

Realtime Process Monitoring

Process Analyzer

Process View

Prometheus / Grafana

Prometheus Monitoring App

Explorer App



Read-only Users

Router Monitoring App



Different Users

Public Dashboards

Sample Apps - Setup and Usage

Warehouse Simulation App

Sydney Public Transport Sample App

Data Privacy

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