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Flow Director's No-Code Potential

Flow Director is a scalable no-code development and runtime platform. Craft complex Apps without coding. It allows you to create, deploy, and manage Apps with ease. Break free from conventional coding limitations and embrace greater efficiency and innovation.

Powered by SwiftMQ

A Robust Messaging Engine

Flow Director utilizes the robustness of SwiftMQ as its core messaging engine. Instead of using a self-made kernel, it benefits from SwiftMQ's stellar performance and reliability. SwiftMQ ensures efficient message delivery across distributed setups, enabling Flow Director to manage intense messaging tasks with ease.

SwiftMQ Streams

Dynamic Code Generation & Execution

Flow Director harnesses SwiftMQ Streams, the internal microservice engine of SwiftMQ, as a potent runtime environment. In Flow Director, flows transform dynamically into JavaScript code and are seamlessly deployed to a node within the connected SwiftMQ router network for execution.

Embedded Mode

Integrated SwiftMQ Router

Flow Director operates in Embedded mode, initiating an integrated SwiftMQ CE router named "flowdirector." This setup fosters easy flow deployment and execution. With the built-in router, Flow Director enhances development, eases deployment, and boosts productivity. Benefit from a cohesive solution that connects seamlessly to your existing SwiftMQ router network.

Flight Mode

Seamless SwiftMQ Integration

Flight mode, or FD Light, allows Flow Director to integrate with your current SwiftMQ router setup. It can connect to both standalone and SwiftMQ HA setups. This mode empowers you to utilize Flow Director's capabilities without needing an embedded router, ensuring flexibility and scalability while keeping your existing SwiftMQ structure intact.


Seamless Updates for the Platform, Apps, and Router

With Flow Director's auto-update, the platform, Flow Director Apps, and the embedded SwiftMQ CE router are always current. Automatic updates bring the latest features and fixes without manual intervention.

When using Embedded mode, the SwiftMQ CE router ("flowdirector") gets automatically upgraded. Additionally, any changes in connected Git repositories trigger immediate updates, ensuring your Apps remain consistent.

Runtime Requirements

Leveraging GraalVM and SwiftMQ

Flow Director requires both GraalVM Community Edition (CE) and SwiftMQ v12.1.0 or higher across the connected router network nodes.

GraalVM CE, free of charge, powers Flow Director's polyglot features, supporting diverse languages efficiently. Furthermore, Oracle's GraalVM Enterprise Edition, based on OpenJDK, is offered under a perpetual free license. This promises enhanced features and optimizations for future Flow Director versions.

Ensuring compatibility with GraalVM CE and SwiftMQ 12.1.0+ guarantees optimal utilization of Flow Director's robust polyglot features, all without additional license fees.