SwiftMQ Included

Use Flow Director as your Message Broker.

AMQP, MQTT, and JMS Messaging with the Embedded SwiftMQ CE Router.

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Embedded SwiftMQ CE Router

Empower Your Messaging

Flow Director integrates a full-fledged SwiftMQ CE Router as its core, acting as a robust message broker that fits seamlessly into your app ecosystem.

Leverage the embedded SwiftMQ CE Router for protocols like AMQP, MQTT, and JMS. Experience the versatility akin to a standalone SwiftMQ Router, serving AMQP, MQTT, and JMS clients with ease.

Streamline Communication

Protocol Multiplexer (MUX)

Flow Director features a Protocol Multiplexer (MUX) to unify communication channels and ease connectivity. Integrate AMQP, MQTT, JMS, and HTTP over a single port, enhancing flexibility while cutting down complexity.

By merging protocols onto one port, MUX negates multiple network configurations, optimizing network resources. This efficient setup simplifies infrastructure management and minimizes failure points.

Manage & Monitor Effortlessly

Free SwiftMQ CLI and Monitoring Apps

Use the free SwiftMQ CLI App for streamlined management of the embedded SwiftMQ CE Router. Configure, set queues, define routing, and adjust security all from your browser.

With the free SwiftMQ Monitoring App, gain real-time performance insights into your router. Monitor key metrics, track throughput, and view queue/connection statuses. Its dashboards provide comprehensive visibility, complete with alerting capabilities. Stay informed and ensure optimal system performance.

Comprehensive Administration

SwiftMQ Explorer App

Utilize the licensed SwiftMQ Explorer App for advanced, web-based SwiftMQ administration.

This app offers an extensive, user-friendly dashboard for the connected SwiftMQ router network. Easily manage queues, topics, connections, and security settings. Its design ensures a streamlined experience for setting up and monitoring your messaging infrastructure.

Benefit from a centralized admin console, handling tasks like queue creation, subscriber management, security configurations, and system monitoring, all under one roof.

Effortless Updates

Auto-Update for Current Versions

Flow Director's auto-update keeps the platform and the embedded SwiftMQ CE Router current with the latest updates, streamlining your user experience.

Auto-update offers the newest features and fixes without manual steps. Flow Director checks and applies updates, ensuring you operate on the latest version.

The embedded SwiftMQ CE Router also gets auto-upgrades, granting you access to performance boosts, fixes, and new features without manual hassles or workflow interruptions.

Cost-Effective Solution

Free Flow Director + Optional Support Subscription

Flow Director and its embedded SwiftMQ CE Router are available free for general use. Benefit from top-tier messaging capabilities without licensing fees.

Updates and maintenance are part of this free package, ensuring continuous access to the latest features. The Flow Director team prioritizes consistent updates for a reliable messaging experience.

For extended technical support, an optional subscription is offered. This provides direct access to experts, timely updates, tailored advice, and prompt support for production deployments.