Using SwiftMQ with Flow Director

Integration with Ease.

SwiftMQ is the messaging system that is the base of Flow Director. It has an integrated microservice platform called SwiftMQ Streams. All flows defined in Flow Director are generated and run as SwiftMQ Stream on one or more nodes of the connected SwiftMQ router network and can use the full multi protocol capabilities of it.

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This example shows how easy it is to integrate SwiftMQ routers that are not part of the SwiftMQ router network that is directly connected with and under control of Flow Director. It creates a JMS connection to a SwiftMQ Production Network and subscribes to a topic orders_completed. Assuming the messages received here contain the revenue per order. They are passed into a probe component that extracts the revenue and provides them as data stream for a probe dashboard component that shows the revenue per hour. It then passes it to a history component that automatically provides minute, hour, day, month and year histories which can be shown in chart dashboard components in realtime. It is therefore not required to deploy Flow Director directly into an existing SwiftMQ router network but it can simple be done by integrating an existing network. It doesn't matter which version the SwiftMQ routers are. It just works.

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