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SwiftMQ Integration

Integration with SwiftMQ: Harmonious Integration of External SwiftMQ Routers

Experience the seamless integration of external SwiftMQ routers with Flow Director for streamlined operations.

Integration Details:

  • External SwiftMQ Router Connection:
    • Form a JMS connection to a SwiftMQ Production Network.
    • Subscribe to a orders_completed topic for incoming messages.
  • Revenue Extraction and Dashboards:
    • Process the received messages, which contain order revenue data.
    • Extract revenue via a probe component, yielding a data stream.
  • Probe Dashboard Display:
    • Utilize a probe dashboard component to visualize revenue per hour, drawing from the extracted data stream.
  • Historical Data Creation:
    • Pass data stream to a history component.
    • Automatically generate histories at minute, hour, day, month, and year intervals.
  • Real-time Chart Display:
    • Connect these histories to chart dashboard components.
    • Display historical revenue data in real-time.

Facilitate external SwiftMQ router integration with Flow Director for efficient data processing and visualization, eliminating the need to directly deploy Flow Director into existing SwiftMQ networks.

SwiftMQ is the messaging system that is the base of Flow Director. It has an integrated microservice platform called SwiftMQ Streams. All flows defined in Flow Director are generated and run as SwiftMQ Stream on one or more nodes of the connected SwiftMQ router network and can use the full multi protocol capabilities of it.

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