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Solace Integration

Integration with Solace: Streamlined Processing via Flow Director

Explore how Flow Director seamlessly integrates with Solace for efficient data processing.

Integration Details:

  • Solace Broker Connection:
    • Establish a JMS connection to a Solace broker.
  • Queue for Order Reception:
    • An input queue OrderRequests is defined for receiving messages.
  • Message Forwarding to SwiftMQ:
    • Messages from OrderRequests are relayed to a local queue ProcessOrders.
  • Processing Pipeline:
    • A separate flow (not depicted) picks up orders from ProcessOrders for further processing.
    • This phase may involve diverse operations, such as database manipulations or interactions with other messaging systems.
  • Order Completion Handling:
    • After processing, the completed orders are sent to a local queue OrdersFinished.
  • Outbound to Solace:
    • From OrdersFinished, the orders are routed to Solace on queue OrdersProcessed.

Leverage the integration between Solace and Flow Director to streamline data processing, replacing the need for intricate clients with simplified flow orchestration.

Solace PubSub+ is a multi protocol messaging system that is offered as a hardware appliance, as software and cloud product. It can be easily integrated into Flow Director and with any other messaging system.

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