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REST Integration

Integration with REST: Sending Monthly Newsletters

Discover how Flow Director facilitates seamless monthly newsletter delivery using REST integration.

Integration Details:

  • Initiating Timer:
    • A timer is configured to generate a timer event each month.
    • This timer event initiates the process.
  • Event Conversion:
    • Due to typed connectors, the timer event must be transformed into a regular message, compatible with the query component.
  • Customer Database Query:
    • The query component accesses a customer database.
    • Selects customers subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Customer Selection Processing:
    • Each chosen customer is then channeled to a Send Newsletter component.
  • REST API Call to SendGrid:
    • The Send Newsletter component utilizes SendGrid, a mailing service, to invoke its REST API.
    • This API call triggers the dispatch of the monthly newsletter to the selected customers.

Experience the simplicity of Flow Director in orchestrating the process of sending monthly newsletters, effectively employing REST integration with external services.

Representational state transfer (REST) is a software architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating web services. Flow Director provides a REST API to make any flow a RESTful web service. It provides a REST client to access any web service from within a flow.

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