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JMS Integration

Integration with JMS: Streamline Processing with Flow Director

Delve into how Flow Director simplifies order processing by integrating seamlessly with any JMS broker.

Integration Details:

  • Connection Configuration:
    • A connection is established to a JMS broker.
    • An input is defined on a queue OrderRequests.
  • Message Flow:
    • Messages (or orders) received in the OrderRequests queue are routed to a local queue ProcessOrders.
  • Processing Mechanism:
    • The orders in the ProcessOrders queue are then accessed by another flow (not depicted in this example) for further processing. This could involve various database operations or interactions with other messaging systems.
  • Completion and Forwarding:
    • Once the orders are fully processed, they are dispatched to another local queue named OrdersFinished.
    • From OrdersFinished, the completed orders are sent back to the JMS broker, landing in the OrdersProcessed queue.

Ditch the complexities of traditional order processing clients. Instead, leverage the simplicity and power of flows within Flow Director for a streamlined, efficient, and accurate order management.

JMS stands for Java Message Service and is a Java standard to access message oriented middleware. It can be easily integrated into Flow Director and with any other messaging system.

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