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JDBC Integration

Integration with JDBC: Seamless Data Transfer Between Databases

Delve into how Flow Director enables smooth data migration between different database systems.

Integration Details:

  • Source and Target Configuration:
    • A connection is defined to a local Postgres (left) database.
    • On the right, there's a connection to a remote DB2 production database.
  • Flow Purpose:
    • This flow is designed to transfer local orders from Postgres into the DB2 production database.
  • Trigger Mechanism:
    • The flow is instigated by messages received from a queue named MoveOrderRequests.
  • Order Retrieval and Transfer:
    • Every request activates a query on the local Postgres database to fetch a set of orders.
    • Each retrieved order is subsequently inserted into the DB2 database.
  • Post-Transfer Action:
    • After successful insertion into DB2, the order is deleted from the local Postgres database.

Harness the power of JDBC integration with Flow Director for efficient and accurate database data migration.

JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity and defines a Java standard to access relational databases products. JDBC drivers are available for any relational database product. Database access and operations can be easily done in Flow Director and can be combined with anything.

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