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IBM MQ Integration

Integration with IBM MQ: Connecting IBM MQ with Kafka using Flow Director

Experience simplicity as you integrate IBM MQ with Kafka through Flow Director.

Integration Process:

  • JMS Connection Setup:
    • Define a JMS connection directly to an IBM MQ broker.
  • Queue Input Definition:
    • Set up an input on a specific queue named OrderRequests.
  • Message Forwarding:
    • Messages retrieved from the OrderRequests queue are directly forwarded to a Kafka topic named Kafka_Orders.

With just a few configurations, you've bridged IBM MQ with Kafka, expanding the reach and utility of your messaging infrastructure.

IBM MQ (formerly WebsphereMQ, formerly MQSeries) is a messaging product from IBM. It is the major player in the messaging space and exists since 1992. It can be easily integrated into Flow Director and with any other messaging system.

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