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AMQP Integration

Integration with AMQP: Sending Messages to AMQP Brokers with Flow Director

Discover the seamless process of sending messages to any AMQP broker using Flow Director.

Step-by-Step Integration:

  • Input Definition:
    • Define an input on a queue to receive messages.
    • Forward these received messages to another queue named AMQPOutbound.
    • Optionally, use a wiretap as the input to ensure only copies of messages are received, leaving the original messages intact in the queue.
  • Local SwiftMQ Router Connection:
    • Set up a connection to the local SwiftMQ router.
    • Define an input on the AMQPOutbound queue to retrieve messages.
  • AMQP Message Conversion:
    • Messages taken from the AMQPOutbound queue are automatically converted to AMQP format.
    • These converted AMQP messages can then be sent to any AMQP broker, targeting any desired address.

Leverage Flow Director's capabilities to facilitate smooth AMQP message transmission and management across different brokers.

The AMQP protocol is a messaging protocol that exists in 2 versions. The older AMQP 0.9.1 and 1.0. Both are incompatible. Because only RabbitMQ is still using 0.9.1, it can be seen as a private protocol of RabbitMQ. The more complex AMQP 1.0 is an ISO standard but not as widely adopted as 0.9.1. Both protocols can be easily integrated into Flow Director and with any other messaging system.

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