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ActiveMQ Integration

Integrating FD with ActiveMQ: Bridging Classic to Artemis

Discover how to seamlessly bridge ActiveMQ Classic with ActiveMQ Artemis using JMS in the Flow Director environment.

Step-by-Step Integration:

  • Setting Up the Connection:
    • Establish connections to both the ActiveMQ Classic broker and the ActiveMQ Artemis broker using JMS within Flow Director.
  • Message Routing:
    • Receive messages from an inbound queue on the ActiveMQ Classic broker.
    • Directly send these messages to an outbound queue on the Artemis broker.
  • Integration with Apache Kafka:
    • Alongside routing messages between ActiveMQ Classic and Artemis, also send these messages to a designated Kafka topic.

Follow this setup to ensure smooth message routing between two distinct brokers and integrate the workflow with Apache Kafka for enhanced messaging capabilities.

ActiveMQ is a multi protocol open source message broker. It consists of 2 projects, the legacy ActiveMQ Classic and the newer ActiveMQ Artemis broker. Both can be easily integrated into Flow Director and with any other messaging system.

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