Flow Director and SwiftMQ

A Combination that elevates you to the Forefront of Messaging.


A brand new, more powerful, and sophisticated web-based Explorer

Install Explorer once and access it from everywhere. Add charts, see data changes live & colorized like in a trading app. Add users with dedicated rights like read-only users. Connect and manage routers on demand.

The App is included in Flow Director for free. Time to drop your old SwiftMQ Explorer.

Requires SwiftMQ 12.1.0 or later.

Router Monitoring

Monitor your Router Network like never before

This App gathers metrics of the whole connected router network and displays it in charts showing current state, histories back to a year, timelines that shows you when clients connect/disconnect, and tops of various resources. Configure alerts for critical conditions to stay ahead before they become a real problem.

Router Monitoring App is included in Flow Director for free.

Requires SwiftMQ 12.1.0 or later.


Integrate SwiftMQ with Prometheus / Grafana

Many companies standardize their system monitoring on Prometheus and Grafana. Our Prometheus App gathers all metrics of a router network and provides it in Prometheus native format on a REST route. All you need to do is to scrape it from Prometheus and configure your Grafana dashboards.

Prometheus App is priced at 799 Euro for an annual subscription.

Requires SwiftMQ 12.1.0 or later.


How to get Started

You may start with the apps above, or, if you run older SwiftMQ releases, just install Flow Director which embeds a SwiftMQ router. Try to get your daily tasks done with Flow Director. Someone need to connect a queue with a topic? Create a simple flow that connects to the queue at that router and send the messages to the topic. Done. No config file hassle, just a flow.

As time goes by, you will be able to explore the full potential of Flow Director. Integrate with Kafka? Just a flow. Why are orders delayed? There is a Process Analyzer in Flow Director. Just a flow & done.

The last step is to elevate your view from routers/brokers, messages, queues & topics towards seeing it as an event grid that you can use to drive the business of your company forward.

This does not require any particular SwiftMQ release nor SwiftMQ at all. Use any messaging system you want.


Just contact us if you have any questions.

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