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Create FD Apps

No Coding or Config Files Needed.

Use the Flow Director web interface. Create apps directly via the System App.


Connect Components to Build Flows

Handle messages on queues/topics code-free. Bridge queues and topics, modify messages real-time, or connect with external systems, REST included.

Flow Live View

Real-time Monitoring & Message Tracking

Connect via the web interface to running flows for insights. View throughput stats and inspect in-transit messages with a click. Ensure real-time oversight of flows and maintain control over messaging.


Easy Data Visualization & Real-time Analysis

Add dashboard components to flows for data aggregation. Utilize various visualization components for live data displays. Leverage Flow Director dashboards for insights and informed decision-making.


Streamlined Deployment & Automation

Leverage Flow Director for easy flow and dashboard deployment across the SwiftMQ router network. Distribute to all or selected nodes, use tags for organization, and manage apps with single-click start/stop. Experience efficient orchestration.


Seamless Integration & Enhanced Accessibility

Equip your App with a sturdy REST API for integration. Use flows for handling REST requests and secure the API with methods from API keys to JWT with one click. Maximize App potential using Flow Director's REST API.

Export and Import

Simple App Transfer & Sharing

Manage apps with drag-and-drop export/import. Backup, transition between dev, test, and production, or share with ease. Benefit from Flow Director's efficient transfer functionalities.

Connect to your VCS

Efficient Git Integration & Collaboration

Link your app to a Git repository for streamlined development. Collaborate and distribute effortlessly. Automatic updates from Git changes ensure flows and dashboards redeploy smoothly. Eliminate manual redistribution for releases. Utilize Flow Director's auto-updating VCS integration.


Robust Access Control & SSO Integration

Strengthen your App's security using tailored access menus. Allocate user-specific permissions for authorized access. Integrate Single-Sign-On via the Azure SSO App for enhanced security. Streamline user management for seamless access control.