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Bridge Pulsar and Pulsar in Minutes without Coding!


Create an unlimited number of bridges between Pulsar topic and Pulsar topic.


Works independently and does not touch your source or target brokers.


Exchange messages between on-premise and cloud-based systems.


No coding! One simple setup step and it runs autonomously.


Nice dashboards displays message traffic in real-time and histories.


Runs on the highly scalable Flow Director microservice platform.


Deploy it on-premise or in the cloud.

Live Dashboards

The app displays live statistics of your message transfers as total throughput, tops, and has dedicated dashboards per bridge. So you can always prove visually how your bridges perform.

History dashboards show you statistics on a minute, hour, day, month, and year time-frame.

30 Days Trial without Registration!

After installation and login to this app, you can opt to start a trial for 30 days without registration. So you have plenty of time to test it. Technical Support is included.

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We offer a Flow Director App license at a very moderate monthly and yearly subscription rate with Technical Support included. Click here to buy a license:

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